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Recycling management and landfill technology

  • Waste management conceptions as well industry- and plant-specific concepts for avoiding and utilizing waste material
  • Analysis of the effects of waste-processing, including emission and pollution surveys with regard to water, air, sound, reduction in emission, environmental compatibility surveys, environmental compatibility analyses, risk analyses on the various waste-processing equipment, searching for and assessing sites.
  • Presentation and processing of waste management aspects requiring authorization including information concepts, publicity, measures to increase acceptance in processes according to waste laws, pollution protection directive, nature preservation law, water balance law in the phases of land use planning and planning approval
  • Risk management, environmental audit
  • Solutions for commercial waste removal including company consultation
  • Solutions for hazardous waste removal including interim storage facilities, record of proper waste management
  • Landfill planning, all planning services
  • Presentation and processing of the behaviour of the landfill body under the aspects of water balance, gas balance, emissions, the settlement of urban waste and hazardous waste landfills, working out analysis concepts, analytical examinations of landfill gas as well as measuring gas and smell emissions from landfills, examination of seepage and ground water
  • Planning of systems for collecting, removing and purifying seepage
  • Emissions from landfill flares and gas exploitation facilities, working out concepts for reducing emissions
  • Work until operation of landfill including industrial safety concepts, programmes for monitoring and controlling, operational plans and operational guidelines, working instructions, operational guidelines, workplace descriptions
  • Adaptation of the landfill operation and the landfill facilities to the state of the art whilst taking reworked requirements into consideration
  • DP programmes for collecting operational data, annual overviews, explanations about the landfill behaviour
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