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Business objectives


IFES commits itself to its business location and fights for the development of the City of Ludwigsburg. The step-by-step development down to the nucleus “environment” as well as the promotion of economic development is actively supported.



IFES is the leading company for giving advice to communes, regional and federal state governments as well as public institutions in Southern Europe. One main focus we place is on increasing the communal services for the public, infrastructure and the consistent further development of our contractors’ locations.
We do not see ourselves as competitors to state or semi-state institutions and non-governmental organisations but as private sector partners to achieve objectives in terms of development politics in South East Europe.
By means of our activities, the process of being introduced to the European Union, the equalization of living conditions of the strong EU regions is accelerated and prosperity is increased significantly.

As a service provider for communes, regional governments and public institutions in Southern Europe, we know the demands and possibilities of our customers.
By means of a genuine partnership with our contractors, the greatest possible success for all parties involved in the project is achieved.



The present day is shaped by technical innovations that influence our environment. Due to this, an area of conflict between nature, man and technology arises. With our work, we want to contribute to economic development not meaning the same as the destruction of the environment of tomorrow. Our attention is thus turned to the conception and realization of environmentally friendly production, construction and technological processes as well as the development of the basic conditions needed for this.


Promoting the economy

It is indisputable that a strong middle class is the motor of any national economy. Likewise indisputable remains the fact that the middle class usually has neither the financial nor personnel resources needed for entering foreign markets. For these reasons, IFES has set the goal of involving small and medium-sized companies in projects and supporting cooperations.

The set-up and/or modernisation of contractors’ infrastructure fundamentally takes place according to the latest of science, methodology and technology.
We and our partners guarantee our contractors the set-up and extension and/or modernisation of the infrastructure according to the latest of science, methodology and technology.

By offering target-oriented project solutions, we save our contractors time and money.


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